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D'lo talks about paralyzing Droz 0 replies Wrestling
Brock Lesnar's daughter! 0 replies Wrestling
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Re: Boxers you have met 2 replies Boxing
Re: Rocky Marciano wanted to teach Elvis how to box. 0 replies Boxing
Re: GROSS! Larry Holmes vomited during the fight with Evander 0 replies Boxing
Re: Anyone see Ann Wolfe in "Wonder Woman?" 0 replies Boxing
Re: Now that both Klitschkos are retired.... 0 replies Boxing
Re: Max Baer 4 replies Boxing
Re: Kangaroo can take one human's punch. 1 reply Boxing
Re: Lennox Lewis: All Time Great Or Not? 0 replies Boxing
Re: Whoa..this chick got BANNED from boxing! 0 replies Boxing
Re: Think about it; who was the best guy Tyson beat? 6 replies Boxing
Re: Tyson vs Holyfield 1990 1 reply Boxing
Re: Who has the best chin EVER? 3 replies Boxing
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